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faq about us contact us performs patent filing and prosecution (written patentability arguments before the USPTO) for a variety of clients in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science arts.  We have filed patents and have extensive technical background in the following specific technical areas:
  • IP Networks (IEEE 802.3)
  • Wireless Networks (IEEE 802.11(a,b,g)
  • Fiber Optics - (single mode, multimode), wave propagation, mode conversion, EFDA, WDM,DWDM
  • Microwave Devices - Electron Guns, Traveling Wave Tubes, Waveguides, Mode conversion
  • Network Protocols (ISO Layers - MAC, TCP, IP, Application)
  • Low Noise Amplification (DC-20Ghz)
  • Digital Signal Processing (wireless signal processing, DSSS, OFDM, encoders, decoders, modulators, demodulators, ECC)
  • Medical Devices (ultrasound, MRI, CT, monitoring devices)
  • Plasma devices
  • Software & Web business Patents
See a list of some of the typical US patents we have filed and prosecuted to issuance

FAQ about patents for the uninitiated (and initiated, actually), which also includes some editorializing here and there based on our years of experience.

Have an idea for which you'd like to file a patent?  Here are the steps:
    1) Prepare a writeup, using this MSWord/openoffice template ,or send a writeup which satisfies the requirements described in the template
3) We'll provide you with a quote, which is often a fixed price to prepare a ready-to-file patent application plus drafting & PTO fees.

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